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Who? A handful of citizens with a desire to prove that there are plenty of rational, meaningful conversations to be had about America and its future – and that the last two decades indicate social media and news outlets foster the opposite.

What? In the Limelight’s mission is to use information technology to enrich rather than degrade, to expand rather than narrow, and to embrace nuance and complexity rather than reduce legitimate perspectives to rage-inducing soundbites. Answers that are deemed disrespectful or that fail to answer the question in a meaningful way will be deleted at In the Limelight’s discretion.

When? 2023. No time to waste.

Where? Based in the D.C. area, In the Limelight’s staff is tired of the disconnect between talking heads and their own friends, family members, and others – including people who live in states across the nation, not just the DMV – with whom they interact daily.

Why? The purpose of this site is to bring thoughtful comments and perspectives to light, proving that the polarized discourse and points of view found on social media or presented by media outlets are not, in fact, the norm. Poll after poll and survey after survey reveal the growing frustration of the “missing middle” – Americans who do their best to make sense of politics, society and culture while living their daily lives. 

For example, a January 2023 survey by More in Common determined that there is, unsurprisingly, “a large segment of the population whose voices are rarely heard above the shouts of the partisan tribes.” It concludes that “these are the people who believe that Americans have more in common than that which divides them.”

How does In the Limelight work? In the Limelight starts each conversation by posing a question, just as a teacher or a college professor might lead a discussion. Registered contributors answer the question, drawing on and citing their own experiences, education (formal and informal), reputable sources, and values.

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